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The Herold Homes


transforming existing properties with style,
creativity and perfection.

The semi-detached house from the 1960s on a beautiful plot was aesthetically and technically in very poor condition. Within the scope of the complete core renovation as well as the structural extension, the house was brought up to date visually, technically and energetically. Today, open floor plans and large window areas allow pleasant rooms with plenty of daylight. Attention was paid to the realization of perfect thermal insulation and the use of top-class window systems with triple glazing. The aesthetically sophisticated integrated solar roof produces electricity for the environmentally friendly heat pump and the household. Surplus electricity is fed into the grid and turned into cash. With this property it becomes clear that environmental awareness and luxury are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary!

Year of Origin
Project Duration
March 2022 - May 2023
Floor Area
ca. 271 m2

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