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The Herold Homes


transforming existing properties with style,
creativity and perfection.

The small row house originally dates back to the late 1950s and was part of a larger housing development. The condition of the house was run-down, especially its entire technical system, which was still from the year of its initial construction. The overall appearance was far from meeting today's technical and aesthetic standards. By adding an extension on the ground floor and in the basement, converting the attic with a large dormer window, and lowering the basement floor, the living space was significantly expanded. Opened window fronts now provide ample natural light throughout the house. The newly created master area, including an ensuite bathroom, in the attic offers a beautiful south-facing view. The basement is a highlight of the house, housing a spacious home office area and benefiting from ample sunlight through a large walk-in light well.

Year of Origin
Project Duration
April 2021 - April 2022
Floor Area
ca. 160 m2

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